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WEEE Compliance Activities

To reduced the environmental impact of products we develop and distribute, Hanwha Techwin has undertaken many initiatives, ranging from structural simplification and use of high-quality recyclable materials to reduction of product weight.

The process to deal with EU WEEE

  1. step01, WEEE target, Product flow, WEEE How to do
  2. step02, WEEE marking on products, Announce of WEEE information, Establishment of methods of in-house management
  3. step03, Registration, Financial giarantee, Reporting of WEEE, Scheme joining, Report on recycling


All finished products distributed by Hanwha Techwin under its own brand now carry the WEEE mark, either directly printed or attached as a sticker, on their casting and accessories such as remote control devices.

Remote control devices All finished products distributed Accessories


Hanwha Techwin's European distribution subsidiaries based in the UK, France and Germany have completed their registration with local authorities as manufactures and are equipped with a wasted collection and recycling system. Through efforts like use of high-quality recyclable materials, all of our products fully satisfy relevant recycling recovery rates required under the WEEE Directive