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REACH Compliance Activities

Hanwha Techwin operates Global Environmental Management system for Respond to REACH, the EU regulation, which force in June 2007. Also, we coupled internal measures efforts to help improve our supplier’s ability to respond to the regulation by offering them training and education, to enable them to fully understand the detail of requirements.


  1. 1Regulation
    REACH(Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals)
    Scope of Application : EU legislation requiring manufacturers and importers of chemicals of one tonne and more in volume,
  2. 2Scope of
    manufactured in, or imported into, Europe, to gather and supply information on their impact on human health and the environment and making their registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction mandatory
  3. 3Requirement
    Manufacturers and importers must submit information on chemical substances contained in a product to be distributed in Europe to the European web server by set deadlines. Failure to do so results in a marketing ban

Countermeasure Process concerning EU' s REACH (Regulation, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals

EU REACH, step.1

Hanwha Techwin Co. Ltd (HTW) is committed to meeting our legal obligations under RECH about main products and we are working with our suppliers to enable this.

The two key requirements which are currently effective

  1. 1 Duty to Communicate Information on Substances in Articles (Article 33)

    The majority of products and packaging as manufactured and/or supplied by Hanwha Techwin Co. Ltd do not contain substances on the REACH SVHC candidate list inor concentrations greater than 0.1% by weight per article.
    The limited number of articles affected are listed here. In addition, consumers can use the Contact Us form to submit queries relating to REACH or SVHC.
    The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) published 168 Candidate list in 2016 .
    (※ SVHC : Substance very high concern)

  2. 2 Pre-registration of Substances (on their own, in preparations, in articles)

    The compliance period for pre-registration of substances runs from 1st June 2008 to 30th November 2008. Hanwha Techwin will ensure our suppliers fulfill pre-registration requirements for relevant substances via the Only Representative model.
    Only Representatives (OR) are natural or legal persons appointed by non-EU Manufacturers to fulfill the obligations of Importers.

Information for Recipients & customers

Category in majority of products

  1. Majority of products are Camera / Digital Recorder / presenter and etc. that is category in "Article" under REACH.
    Also, these products are not registering obligations about the substance becauseproducts are not intended to be released.
    HTW's products do not contain substances on the REACH SVHC candidate list in concentrations greater than 0.1% by weight per article.