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Life Cycle Thinking

Hanwha Techwin, in an effort to provide customers with environment-friendly products, has been conducting a variety of activities over the entire process of manufacturing. Our effort is basically intended to meet the standards of advanced countries, and ultimately, to accomplish the goal of contributing to global environment preservation and human welfare.

Our environment policy is aimed to ensure a complete process from the development or design process so as to ensure the product contains no hazardous substances, and establish the mandatory assessment process and environment management system (EMS) applicable to each procurement with the manufacturers, that is "Green Procurement"

In addition, to ensure the efficient recycling of wastes, we are to simplify the material so we can join the European recycling organizations in order to make it recyclable, unlike the way of disposing other normal wastes. And building an Eco-design system which is intended to ensure easy disassembly is in process.

SAMAUNG TECHWIN Sustainable Management