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Environment labeling

Hanwha Techwin has been assessing the environmental hazardousness, and resource and efficiency of digital products according to the standard it has developed.
And the self-declaration environment label (Type III) is granted to the products with the superior properties proven absolutely or relatively, so that it is easily acknowledged by the end-users.

Eco mark design and concept

Eco mark In the case of lead-free products of parts that meet internal requirements or are manufactured in compliance with the Eco-design standard, despite the 6-hazardous substances it contained, such data is indicated on the surface of the products to help customers become aware of the environment information.


Environment + Ecology
Attempt is made to express our commitment to production of environmentally-friendly products, with the letter "e" (referring to environment and ecology) shaped like a tree leaf symbolizing nature, and the inside of the curved line open to the outside signifying the close relations with the outside environment.

Type of Eco mark

  • Pb-Free Product, Application of lead-free soldering technology
  • RoHS Compliant, Satisfaction of in-house management criteria concerning RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) irective on six leading hazardous materials
  • Eco Information, Provision of information on products' environment-related characteristics

Example of use of Eco mark

  • Packing materials (G.T BOX)
  • Gatalog
  • POP