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Eco Products

Hanwha Techwin's "Environment-friendly products include electronic and electrical products such as CCTVs, presenter, lead frame as a B2B trade products, which are free from lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Cr+6 and Brominated flame retardants (PBBs, PBDEs), and those with low energy consumption and that are recyclable.

Hanwha Techwin has been manufacturing environment-friendly products since it successfully commercialized a Pb Free Soldering technology in 2003. Having applied a Pb Free Soldering technology after eliminating 6-hazardous substances such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Cr+6 and Brominated flame retardants (PBBs, PBDEs), Hanwha Techwin has been producing products that meet EU standards.

Also, Hanwha Techwin's efforts are focused on streamlining the products to enhance the energy efficiency, improving the material and low energy consumption design for safe and environment-friendly products.

Hanwha Techwin's efforts are extended to cell phone cameras utilizing the Pb Free Soldering technology and eliminating the 6-hazardous substance such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Cr+6 and Brominated flame retardants (PBBs, PBDEs), and specifically using a lead-free brass material.

6-harzarous substances were all eliminated from lead frame, a core part of semiconductors as required by lead-free technology and RoHS, and the export of environment-friendly thin-film palladium (μ-PPF ) plating technology. Patent applications are now in process.

μ-PPF is a type of lead frame which is coated with palladium instead of silver (Ag), of which plating thickness is less than 0.1μ"(micro-inch or 1/1,000,000 inch). This product reduces the required volume of palladium (a sort of platinum), to significantly reduce the thickness to 0.1μ or less from 4.0μ, thereby reducing the plating cost by more than 75%. This state-of-the-art technology developed for the first time in the world has obtained a patent in the United States and other countries. The advantage of μ-PPF includes Pb-free and environment-friendly characteristics with an MSL level-1 certificate, the top level of reliability for a semiconductor. The manufacturing process excludes the mold compound flash and solder plating process, which is regarded as a very environment-friendly lead-free technology.

This new concept of turbo compressor, the Micro Turbo Master, is equipped with a super-high-speed electric motor, and has replaced the oil lubricating system with an air system, dramatically cutting energy, maintenance and repair costs. The Micro Turbo Master also provides compressed air with low noise emission, and is suitable even for an ordinary office; the number of components has also been optimized, making it the world's smallest product in its class and giving it enhanced environmental value.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a recognition system, slated to replace barcode technology. This technology using small semiconductor chips to collect and transmit information about the surrounding environment does not require direct contact or scanning, as is the case with barcodes. Another huge benefit of using a RFID system is that it is an environment-friendly technology, completely free of the six hazardous substances named by RoHS as being of urgent concern.