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  • Certified Environment Management System 14001

    Hanwha Techwin was certified ISO14001(Environmental Management System) for all manufacturing sites and R&D sites since 1996, and we are ensuring the company’s strictly implementation of environment policy and the transparency of environmental management with reliability from the customers as well as its compliance of relevant environment laws and regulations.


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  • Appointment of Green Company

    Hanwha Techwin was appointed as an environment-friendly enterprise of voluntary environment management system and improvement of the system. Therefore our company achieved a measurable goal of environment improvement and successfully implemented a Green workplace.


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  • Certification of Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA 18001)

    A certificate for a safety health management system enhances the productivity and implements a systematic accidents prevention program to effectively protect life and assets from industrial accidents, and constant follow-up management allows the company to build an accident-free, occupational illness-free workplace.


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  • Certification of International Occupational Health & Safety management System (OHSAS 18001)

    As we obtained of OHSAS18001, we will continue managing risk factors to reduce accidents rate and improve workplace environment. We successfully implemented system to our workplace, as a result, we can predict risk involvement beforehand and we also give our best effort to improve workplace safety and health for our employee.

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  • Energy Management System

    Energy management system is a system which grants European certification standard, BS EN 16001, which is a publicly recognized international certification for enterprises that sets an efficient energy consumption target and continuously improves the management system to achieve a target. It is planned to be used for the establishment and improvement of greenhouse gas reduction.

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  • Carbon Emission Label

    It is a system which the Ministry of Environment certifies on greenhouse gas emission since 2009. Carbon label describes the CO2 emissions created as a by-product of manufacturing, transport or disposal of a product lifecycle. We will extend carbon label products for GHG reduction.

  • Voluntary Agreement of Green Procurement

    Hanwha Techwin signed a Voluntary Agreement of Green Procurement to promote Environment friendly products through process of purchasing raw materials, manufacturing and transport in October 2006. It is our commitment to promote Green procurement for using eco-friendly products.

  • Agreement of Wetland Conservation Compliance

    Hanwha Techwin signed Wetland Conservation Compliance Agreement in March 2007. It is our company commitment to promot wetland conservation for local communities’ movements. Hanwha Techwin contributed conservation of wetland and Ramsar Conference meeting in 2008.