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CEO's message

Global Environment Vision : Sustainable achievement of corporate green management philosophy through global environmental management

Hanwha Techwin commits to environmental management as part of global green management partners. Our ultimate goals are conservation, protection of earth environment and improvement of life quality for the future generation.

Also, Hanwha Techwin recognizes importance of Green management as a new paradigm of corporate philosophy – Compliance international Environmental laws & regulations for manufacturing activities, products, use and recycle of eco-friendly products as part of global leading company

Hanwha Techwin considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as core management value and it’s our goals to comply with environmental laws and regulations as a global leader.

It’s our endeavors to strengthen competitiveness, to prepare future under dynamic change of global business environment. Especially, Hanwha Techwin has focused Security Solution, Energy related equipments as our strategic future business and we invest company resources on R&D and marketing to be a global leader.

Hanwha Techwin continue value business ethics, honoring environmental laws, transparent organization management, respecting our customers, shareholders and employees to obtain integrity from markets.

Moreover, Hanwha Techwin constantly commits green management, as a part of communities, contribution to country and society through development of environment friendly technologies. Hanwha Techwin intends unite with our passions and capabilities to achieve innovation, to be challenge, and to be world-class leader.