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ME will undertake safety review of biocidal substances in household chemical products.
Date 2016-06-07 Hit 675

▷ In 2016, ME will investigate, above all, household chemical products frequently used or posing higher risk concerns such as air freshener and odor eliminator, and perform risk assessments.


▷ By the next year, ME will investigate products of lower risk concerns and industrial biocides, and carry out risk assessments stepwise.


The Ministry of Environment (Minister Yoon Seong-kyu) has announced its complete enumeration and safety review on biocidal substances in household chemical products.

This year, ME will review, above all, the products of higher risk concerns which are frequently used in our daily lives.

In the first half of 2016, ME will be submitted the information on biocidal substances in household chemical products by around 8,000 enterprises, including types of biocidal substances in each product.

ME will list the submitted biocidal substances and determine their priority considering whether they are used for various products or have higher risk concerns. Based on the priority, ME will perform risk assessments stepwise from as early as the second half of 2016.

In addition, ME will conclude an agreement on safety management with major manufacturers and importers, regarding products of risk concerns such as air freshener spray and odor eliminator spray that their risks became a social problem recently. According to the agreement, enterprises will submit hazard and risk data to ME, and then ME will conduct risk assessments based on the submitted data in the second half of 2016 and publish the results.

From 2017, ME will expand its safety review to the extent of household chemical products that are not currently managed as products of risk concerns, or are industrial products and electrical appliances containing biocidal substances, or are biocidal products used in places of business.

ME will investigate which household chemical products are suspected of containing biocidal substances but are not yet designated as product of risk concerns. The products include those placed on the online stores. Then, ME will ask the information on biocidal substances in the suspected products to their manufacturers or importers.   

ME will also investigate whether any biocidal substance is used for industrial products like anti-bacterial filter of air conditioner and air cleaner, that are suspected of containing biocidal substances but are not yet controlled by the Act on Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances (ARECs).

In addition, ME will investigate the current status of biocidal substances that are used for container and packaging of products, although they are not contained in products.

Based on results of the above investigations, ME will conduct risk assessment considering use frequencies and exposure routes of the products.

ME has a plan to finish its complete enumeration on biocidal substances by the end of 2017. When any substance is suspected of posing significant risk during the complete enumeration, ME will conduct risk assessment. Based on the results of risk assessment, ME will include it into the list of products of risk concerns or develop a standard for its safety management, so as to ease public concerns.

In this regard, ME will hold a briefing session on its complete enumeration and safety review on biocidal substances in household chemical products on 25 May at LW Convention Center in Seoul.

The briefing session is attended by about 80 major producers and importers of household chemical products including LG Household & Health Care Ltd., as well as 10 distributors such as E-Mart.

ME will strengthen its management by means of developing a Master Plan for Safety Management of Household Chemical Products as soon as possible.

Director Jeong-Seop Hong of the Chemicals Policy Division said, “For household chemical products with higher risk concerns, we will tighten our control on biocidal substances by means of performing safety review and risk assessment this year. Next year, we will expand our investigation to industrial products containing biocidal substances as well as products not designated as product of risk concerns and not controlled under ARECs, so as to make sure that all people are reassured of and use products containing biocidal substances." 


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