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Safety Management Activities

Integrated Health and Safety Management System Certification

Following the introduction of the Health and Safety Management System(kosha 18001) in Korea, Hanwha Techwin completed an internal onsite health and safety management program as well as obtained an international health and safety management system certification.
Through this integrated system, we are now able to comprehensively manage both occupational manage both occupational health and workplace safety risks and benefit from synergy. The new system also enables us to more accurately analyze health and safety risks and assess the cost of controlling and managing these risks.

Construct the process for safety of system in 2008

We`ll search and improve the potential risk in our plant through comprehensive activities for safety. Also, We`ll make the Ideal plant for employee`s safety through improve danger equipment and upgrade fire faciities with conduct The day of safety check

Cooperation with External Partners and Customers

We take part in carious consultative bodies to offer advice and guidance to our partners concerning occupational health and safety issues and other matters.
We share our know-how in safety management with our partner firms and conduct joint safety checks once every quarter, implementing corrective actions on any risk factors identified.