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Plant #3


Since launching a ground combat weapon-related defense industry business in 1983. we have constantly expanded our commitment to increasing the Korean troop’s combat strength  by developing artillery and ground battle weapons.

Besides our successful development of a self-propelled gun, codenamed Thunder, we have greatly contributed to strengthening their combat power, as well as opening a new chapter in exporting these weapons. In economic respects, the K9 self-propelled gun, which has proven its efficiency as a state-of-the-art artillery weapon, has been highly evaluated for its perfect performance.

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact that might be generated in the course of business activities, we set up strict standards and policies based on an environmental management system applicable to a variety of environment improvement programs. This was in addition to voluntary agreements we signed to mitigate the pollutants and better implement environmental conservation campaigns.

We will continue to implement environmental impact assessments over a comprehensive area from material procurement to manufacturing, delivery and after-sales service, thereby reducing the impact on the environment in the coming days, too.

CHUN RYEOL BAE , Executive Director, Plant #3