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Caring for the Environment of Local Community


Caring for the community is not a concept confined to a specific to a specific regional community.
Our staff is continuously involved in activities to improve the environment, wherever they are in the community.

Hanwha techwin in involved in wide-raging activites to protect wetlands and awaken members of the community to the cause of wetland conservation, under supporters agreement with government and media organizations and NGO.
One of the concrete example of these activites is the stewardship of Bongam Wetland, located within Masan Bay.

Hanwha Techwin organized an event to plant 200 wetland trees and shrubs, including sweetbriers and gardenias, in Bongam Wetland. Trees and shrubs planted by 200 local residents students and NGO members are regularly looked after by our staff.

To sharpen our staff`s awareness of the ecological importance of wetlands, we periodically organize exploration trips.

To kindle interest in wetlands among local residents and school children, we donated observation equipment such as binoculars, CCTVs and monitors.

Hanwha Techwin staff volunteered for activities for conservation of Mt, Bieum, a popular mountaineering destination of Changwon.Removing litter and hanging name plates on trees, done by our staff, helped instill environmental awareness among local residents.

Hanwha Techwin looks after two creeks located near the company building : Namcheon and Anmincheon Streams.
We regularly monitor possible pollution and remove waste to keep tem healthy and clean.

Junam Reservoir is one of the most important ecological conservation zones in the Changwon area.
By donating equipment to its bird watch stations and participating in redecorating its ecological discovery center, we strive to make Junam Reservoir more attractive to visitors.