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Health Management Activities

As new concepts like LOHAS(Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) attest, health and well-being are important values in today`s society. This trend has been rapidly penetrating corporate cultures as well, and business organizations are assigning increasing importance to the health, Well-being and the quality of life of their employees, recognizing them as crucial conditions for organizational competitiveness.
Hanwha Techwin is spearheading this new awareness in corporate Korea by implementing a wide array of health management and improvement programs under its slogan ‘Two Stops! Good Health!’. Improving the quality of life for employees by eliminating factors negatively affecting their physical and mental health.

Human Engineering Approach to Working Environment Improvement

To help us attain our goal of creating a workplace that is safer and more comfortable and building a fun and exciting work culture, we have adopted a human engineering approach to the improvement of working environment. We are improving the office environment for CAD workers, automating simple, repeated tasks and remodeling work sites to make them more ergonomic (worktables, chairs).

Company Clinic

To more closely monitor the health status of our staff and offer prompt medical intervention, Hanwha Techwin operates health clinic in Plant.

Health Enhancement Room

In an effort to prevent musculoskeletal diseases among our production workers, we operate a health enhancement room, equipped with a variety of physical therapy and medical equipment, whose inventory is steadily growing. The introduction of programs for fatigue recovery and muscle-strengthening and expansion of resting areas are also contributing to the health and fitness of our staff.