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Environment Activities

Hanwha Techwin takes part in wide-ranging associative and advisory activities, such as ‘Association of Environment-friendly Companies’, ‘Green Gywongnam 21’ and ‘Green Changwon21’, to contribute to shared growth between our organization and the local community.

Association of Environment-friendly Companies

The association was founded in 1999, by companies based in Busan, Ulsan and the Gyeongnam region, committed to environmental protection and conservation. Among the principal activities carried out by the association are sharing of environmental information, environmental technology support to small and medium-size companies and social contribution activities to improve the environment in the local community. The association plans to continuously broaden the scope of its social contribution activities.

Green Gyeongnam 21 / Green Changwon 21

To further the overarching goal of sustainable development and enhancing the
environment, the Province of Gyeongsangnam-do and the City of Changwon
established environmental conservation policies that are adapted to individual regions and communities and related actions plans. Green Gyeongnam 21 and Green Changwon 21 are regional councils to ensure consistent implementation of plans laid out under Agenda 21. Hanwha Techwin is a member of the corporate divisions of Green Gyeongnam 21 and Green Changwon.

Small and Medium-sized Business Support Activities

We help local small and medium-sized enterpises raise their standards of environmental management by providing them support at multiple levels. We offer them technical support and point out any issues in their ways of operating and managing environmental facilities, so that they can implement appropriate corrective actions. To ensure that our assistance results in concrete improvements, we also provide follow-up support and supply them environmental information on a continuous basis.