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Air Pollution Control

By carefully monitoring toxic gases released from production processes through an air sampling system, we strive to keep the workplace safe for our employees.
We discontinued, for instance, the operation of three small to mid-size incineration units, which were large sources of air pollutants. The installation of auto mated gas elimination equipment, optimization of the air sampling system and the improvement of the quality of fuels have been some of the fundamental, preventive solutions which help us minimize the release of air pollutants into our production sites.

Air treatment process
Air treatment process
Improvement of Emission Equipment through Joint Industry-Academia Initiative

Under a joint project with schools in the local community, Hanwha Techwin is implementing measures to continuously enhance the working environment at its production sites and reduce emissions of air pollutants, by, for instance, improving hoods used for ammonia gas released during plating processes and installing dual air cleaning units.

Safety Improvements for Chemical Storage Tanks

Previously, chemical storage tanks in our production sites had exposed vents that were placed indoors. During the feed of chemicals, acid mist and other pollutants were released into the atmosphere, undermining the safety of the workplace. Chemical storage tanks at Hanwha Techwin now have a dual structure, and chemical fumes are released through a scrubber so as to reduce human exposure to toxic gases and more efficiently eliminate air pollutants. As a result, the level of concentration of air pollutant emissions has been significantly lowered.

Improvement of Low-polluted Wastewater Treatment Processes
Improvement of Low-polluted Wastewater Treatment Processes

Noise produced from machine rooms and air vent lines is a serious pollution affecting not only workers onsite, but also those on neighboring workplaces. At Hanwha Techwin, we effectively cut down the level of noise by installing silencers at six areas including machine rooms and air vent lines, located outside job sites.